GSC Report on current activities – Q4 2021

by Pavel Tregubov, GSC Secretary, 9 December 2021

In the fourth quarter 2021 GSC is being involved in the following activities and projects:

  • World Championship Match 2021 – negotiations with EXPO and with a number of commercial, broadcasting and media partners
  • Preparation of the various FIDE presentations, including “FIDE World Championship” presentation, General, Youth, Women GP, Senior etc…
  • Drafting a contract with NBC on the World Championship Match broadcast
  • Organisation of the World Championship Match 2021
  • Organisation of the FIDE Women’s World Team Championship 2021
  • Preparation and holding of the Grand Swiss and WGS 2021
  • Preparation of the Regulations for R&B 2021
  • Organisation of R&B 2021
  • Negotiations with potential organisers of the Candidates and Women’s Candidates Tournaments 2022
  • Negotiations with potential organisers of the Women’s GP Series 2022
  • Preparation and holding meetings with (potential) partners and sponsors – MTS, Mahindra, Motiva, Visa, Tinkoff, Chevron, T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, GUM, Sberbank, Phosagro, Ton Labs.
  • Preparation and realisation of the contract with Motiva
  • Preparation of joint projects with and
  • Preparation of the agreement with on online broadcast of major FIDE events
  • Preparation of the FIDE bidding procedures within the Task Force group
  • Preparation of the Regulations for the Chess Olympiad 2022
  • Preparation of contracts between FIDE and Open tournaments awarded with FIDE Aid Packages
  • Launching the FIDE Aid Package 2022 project for open tournaments