GSC Meeting on Zoom 2023

GSC Meeting on Zoom

on 24 January 2023, 14:00 – 15:15 CET

Report by Pavel Tregubov


GSC ChairmanEmil Sutovsky
GSC SecretaryPavel Tregubov
GSC CouncillorsHou Yifan
Jeroen van den Berg
GSC MembersBassem Amin
KK Chan
Frankie Farley
Morten L. Madsen
Malcolm Pein
Regina Theissl Pokorna


  1. Match promotion and exposure

Top GMs activities (Anand, Dubov)

  • Simuls
  • Exhibitions Matches

Merch? FIDE needs a partner.

Souvenirs with FIDE/Match Logo.

Celebrities. Yifan will try to reach out Chinese celebrities.

GM Rapid Tournament

Other ideas aired: inviting Taylor Joy, involving Louis Vuitton with their chess line.

Other ideas are welcome.

  1. Combined Candidates (open and women)

Planned for April 2024. Perhaps in Canada.

Bidding procedure will be launched shortly.

Time control.

Last year, participants of CT 2022 voted for 7-hour control (without increment). It’s good to have the same for both sections. But 7-hours is too exhausting for women.

If time controls are different, critical moments of games in two sections are separated in time and better spread over a broadcast.

  1. Match 2025 format

Ideas aired:

Having a winner every day – more attractive for the audience

2 games 45” + 10’ per day – more dynamic.

New ideas are welcome.

  1. Qualification criteria by Rating for GS/WGS

Average Rating (average of ratings in a number of FRL, usually 12) has largely been used before. Many players noted that it was advantageous for players having higher ratings in the beginning of a given period.

Ratings on a fixed date seem to be a fairest solution.

  • Looking for local Sponsors and Partners for small projects

Emil explained that “small projects” are very important. They are often supported by local sponsors or/and municipalities. An important role of GSC is finding new partners.

Emil encouraged all the GSC members to look around for local partners in their cities/countries.

Ideas are welcome.